31 December

New Year New You

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People often make new year’s resolutions, my phone and inboxes on social media began filling with people who need a life coach to make some new life changes because it’s the new year. I welcome it and it’s great let’s just be sure we are ready to commit to the changes we are willing to say we will make. 

Coming from a background of working in fitness in my twenties, I remember memberships skyrocketing in the beginning of the year, then dropping off at the end of the year. This can often be what it’s like in life. You are gong ho one minute to conquer the world, the next burned out and sitting down planning the next move. How do we stay connected to the mission, focused on the goal, and committed to the plan? One word. Discipline. The key is not just knowing that, it’s learning how to apply it. This is what I learned undergoing life coaching training. One of the reasons life coaches are in high demand are because of the life rewards. 

Imagine being able to take a few lessons, apply them to your everyday life, watch them take root, then enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is the essential keys to coaching. If you want to experience a new you this year, consider doing something to change your tomorrow today. To get what you’ve never had sometimes you must do some things you’ve never done including asking someone to come along side you and help you with you. It’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Some insurance companies will pay for the service and some coaches will work with you with payment plans. We do. I do. I am so interested in helping people that I do sometimes as well. I am not for everyone, but for those who connect with me; both our lives are changed forever.

It is important you find someone you connect with because some coaching sessions can be really intense. If you do not have a good relationship with your coach the delivery may effect the outcome. Example, I had a personal coaching session with my coach once that challenged me to the point that I did not speak to him for several months. He poked me in an area that I was not ready to deal with yet causing me to shut down. Later on, when I did deal with that issue by facing it, dealing with it, then overcoming it; after which I was able to go back to my coach. They were not upset because they understood this part of the healing process which takes time.

Life coaching is not a quick fix. It is a slow fix that will stay fixed with lasting results. Research the coaching style of coaching you’d like to work with. Interview them. Take the 30 minute free session. Find someone to connect with you. Create the New You!

Coach T 

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