Slim The Mind & The Body Will Follow
22 December

Slim The Mind & The Body Will Follow

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This was my motto the whole time I as losing weight. I never had a weight problem, but I always had a wait problem. What is the difference? Thanks for asking. Some of us never received our portion of patience. We want everything yesterday! There is a commercial that says, “it’s my money and I want it NOW!” Well, for some of us, this is how we go through life. Wanting everything without a wait. I was guilty of this mentality before I underwent a mindset change.

I was undergoing a mindset change without asking for permission. I have four children. After having twins I was 126 pounds. I never had a weight problem, but I did have a wait problem. Several factors contributed to my weight gain. Problems, problems, and more problems. The problem with not solving your own problems is one problem usually leads to more problems. Example, if you are having a problem in your relationship it will cause you sometimes to turn to something or someone else. For most, it is food. Some over eat while some under eat. I would under eat in most cases, but after 30 I found myself loving to eat after 8 and later due to my many travels, busy schedule, and late nights. This late night eating caused me to balloon well over 241 pounds in less than eight months. When I decided I wanted to lose the weight, I decided there was no point in losing weight if I wasn’t going to make some serious life changes. This was the start of the rest of my life. This is the time that I began coaching myself.

The first thing I did was made a list of everything I hated about myself. Yes everything! I asked people who I trusted would give me an honest opinion about me. I looked at my list from myself then compared it to the list from others. I recognized that every item on the list may not need to be changed, but could use a tune up. I then made a priority list by numbering the items from greatest to least. For me, I understood I could not do this on my own so I prayed for strength, asked for guidance, then started formulating a plan of action to accomplish my personal development goals. The biggest issue I experienced with coaching myself was I didn’t ¬†hold myself accountable. This is why I work so closely with my Clients because while on my own journey the failure came when I didn’t do what I knew to do. Each step in the weight loss process is important. It’s not just about eating or working out, it is more about dealing with what causes us to eat the way we do which going deeper will help us to understand why we think the way we do about food.

Changing your mind will change your life! Slim the mind & the body will have no other choice but to follow.

Coach T

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