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    Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization Home Education Workshops

    Inspired by the need for more Housing Counseling Agencies in Collin County, Inspiring You To Greatness Non-Profit Corporation partnered offer mortgage education programs for the general public in these series of workshops held at local apartment communities and Inspiring You To Greatness business offices.

    The Effective Renters Workshop is comprised of information to assist renters in preparing for balancing a budget that could eventually lead home ownership.  While they are still renting renters have the opportunity to learn how to pay their rent on time, keep a positive relationship with their credit, landlord, and bank accounts while staying committed to being gainfully employed. These few steps can vastly improve their chances once they are ready to consider purchasing a home. This session is free to the public.

    The Home Buying Education Workshop is not the normal first time home buyer session. This has become a household name therefore Inspiring Greatness has connected with industry specific Presidents of mortgage companies, hard money lenders, and asset managers to share in the specifics of what they are looking for to finance new applicants. Prospective buyers can use this information to better prepare themselves when they are ready to purchase a new home. This session is free to the public.

    The Certified Home Buyers Sessions which are six in-depth education sessions taught by industry experts in the areas of property management purpose of positive rental history, the mortgage process, credit trade assessments, foreclosure prevention,   home maintenance introduction, local down payment assistance application for grants ($8,000-$10,000.00 depending on City), and direct connection to local lenders with their current loan approval guidelines. Each interested buyer who participates is ushered to the closing table by a host of business professionals who are there to assist. The series is fee based.