30 December


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When I started this site almost five years ago I had no idea it would take on a life of its own. I have just been doing whatever my hands found to do as God tells us to, and look at you reading my blog right now! How did you get here? The same way I did. You saw something that peaked your interest. Thank you so much for visiting and embracing!

There are many great things here on I IISPIRE. This site is devoted to self-help because I believe we are to encourage one another to live our best lives, be all we can be, and go for our dreams.

I Inspire Specific People In Reaching Each Dream, Vision, Goal… the possibilities are Endless is how the journey started. Now look at how far we have come? From Facebook to Linkedin. From Twitter to Instagram. Everyday we are becoming more and more inspired for the better! I’m just trying to keep up and stay in my lane.

Before you can think outside the box, you must realize there is no box… the sky is not the limit… there are no limits we can do whatever we put our minds to… so why are you here? What is it God has placed on your heart to do?

Whatever IT is… I am here to help in any way I can! Email me directly with your vision, dream or idea let’s start inspiring greatness together. Tsimmons@iispire.com

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