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  Our 2017 H.O.M.E. 1st Time Home Buyer, Current Home Owner, Credit/Mortgage Education teaches low-to-moderate income families of the Collin, Dallas, and Tarrant County Communities four basic principals: Budgeting, Credit Literacy, Mortgage Education, and Money Management. Each class is sponsored by a local bank or mortgage company and is taught during our lunch and learns on Tuesdays and/ or Thursdays of each week. Special seating for our  Business Alliance Group members.

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Step One: Know Where You Stand ~ Credit & Mortgage Financial Literacy Education

Credit Literacy Classes are (for Clients w/ scores below 600) and Mortgage Literacy Classes (for Clients w/ scores below 700) educate Clients in:

    • Personal Credit Optimization
    • Credit Restoration Tips & Tools
    • The Credit Building Process
    • The Five Ways Credit Scores are Calculated
    • How to increase credit scores 75-160 points within ninety to one hundred and twenty days (90-120 days)
    • Underwriting Guidelines of Sponsored Banking and/or Mortgage Partners
    • Facilitated by Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. ~ Client Receives Certificate of Completion 

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Step Two: Know What You’re Getting In To ~ First Time Home Buyer Pre-Purchase & Post-Purchase Home Owner Education Series:

Mortgage Financial Literacy is the first class in the Certified Home Education Series in an 8 Course Certified Home Series to: 

To Register for this class email Classes are 1st Saturday of each month

      • Educate First Time Home Buyers The Five Stages of the Home Buying Process
      • 10 million dollars in down payment assistance funds & location of other funds
      • Introduction & Understanding of Current Lending Programs w/ Banks & Mortgage Brokers
      • Meeting Mortgage & Business Bankers to Learn Underwriting Guidelines  
      • The Difference Between Purchasing Used Home To Remodel Versus Purchasing  New Construction
      • The Process of Writing & Negotiating The Home Sales Contract
      • Discuss The Results of Working with or without a Realtor 
      •  Introduction to Title Attorneys Discussing Title Policies 
      • Reviewing Mortgage Application (1003) from Start to Finish
      • Teaching Home Owners how to do mild-medium repairs & how to apply for home improvement grants with local banks
      • Facilitated by Local Sponsoring Partner w/ Special Guests including Realtors, Title Attorneys, & Mortgage Loan Originators & Bankers

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