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17 March

Grants Grants Grants

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Hey you guys! I just want to encourage you to have tunnel vision when pursuing your passions. In my quest for new grant makers this year, I began by making new relationships with new banks and financial institutions. I made a decision this year to make 120 new friends. So far, I have made about 56. My point, I am still working and halfway to my goal and it’s not halfway through the year yet. I focus on the tasks at hand, do not allow anyone to steer me in the direction they want me to go with compliments or money, and most importantly I am the master of my own time. 

I am a firm believer that we reap what we sow. It is very important that you sow good seeds in business because the world is small and most of the funding sources know each other. Keeping a good relationship with one funding source could help you capture new funding sources. I love writing grants, but it’s only because I have worked so hard to learn this system. It is hard to learn the system, but once you do you break through. Don’t give up! Keep communicating! Keep submitting! Keep asking questions.

In order to receive the things you seek, you must keep these three things in mind. Grants are coming from the North, South, East, and West, but are you ready for a grant? Read my next blog on some tips to tell you if your organization is ready for a grant. If you do not meet these standards, please prepare yourself according. I do receive so many requests on social media from people who are not willing to even come to the website and read about our grant writing services. Please be willing to do some due diligence I will give you the steps you need to be successful. I am writing a tip blog next so tune in! Great to catch up and stay tuned!

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