Grant Funding Tips
4 April

Grant Funding Tips

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  1.  You must have a 501(c)3. Not too many grant makers will fund without one or without a fiscal agent.
  2. You must have an operating budget. Even if you are funding the organization out of your pocket, you need to have a bookkeeping system in place with a separate banking account and designated tax preparer  or Certified Public Accountant. Otherwise, you will still need a fiscal agent to receive some grants.
  3. You must have a track record. Even if you do the events for free you still need flyers, sign in sheets, and survey forms to show proof the event took place. Pictures are always great so create a website and post them in the gallery for funders to see.
  4. You must have a project, problem, or need you are addressing that the funder is interested in funding. There are billions of causes, but not all of them are fundable. What makes your cause or call fundable? Why should someone give you free money? You must be able to defend your product or project to obtain funding sources.
  5. What about your organization makes you different from other non-profit organizations? Every “Youth Program” is the same to a grant maker until you show them otherwise. Has your program changed lives? Do you have measured outcomes? This is vital to the success of the the grant. Make sure you keep all your success stories. Hanging them on the wall will not show the grant maker. Post the success stories on your website so you can use them as a reference.

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