Where To Find Funding
9 May

Where To Find Funding

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Where to Find Down Payment Assistance

The following information applies to the most common down payment assistance other than the seller concessions discussed above. Programs vary based on location, so please call us for the most accurate information for the area you’re looking to buy in.

Public Assistance and Grants

Public grants often have particular groups that they target. They can be challenging to find, but well worth your time. We recommend beginning your search at our local Department of Housing and Urban Development. They often have a curated list of housing programs available for the state.They may even also list city programs!

Even if you can’t be matched with a down-payment assistance program, there are plenty of other options for you to consider!

From low down-payment government loans to stable low-rate conventional loans, there is a loan for financial situation.

Google is your best friend when doing online searches. Don’t despise a little research. Google the city, county, and areas you want to live in, and review everything available to you.

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