Housing 101 ~ Mythbusters
9 Oct

Housing 101 ~ Mythbusters

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5 Home buying myths

There are a lot of myths about buying a home that are easy to bust.
Here are a few of the big ones:

I need a 20% down payment. FALSE! This goes back to the days when lenders had far fewer options. Now, you can get a mortgage for as little as 1% down and still have a low monthly payment. The better your credit; the more options you have. Get your score as high as you can BEFORE you apply.

I have to dig up a lot of paperwork. FALSE! A lot goes into qualifying you for a mortgage, but these days much of the verification process — like collecting pay stubs, bank statements and tax information — can be done automatically by your mortgage lender. Realistically, once you are ready to buy your lender can take it from there.

It will take a lot of time. FALSE! A good mortgage lender can take your application and give you a pre-approval letter in moments. Many even let you do it yourself online. This way the time is in your hands. Time is on your side.

My bank is the best place to get a mortgage. FALSE! Banks don’t offer many mortgage choices. An independent mortgage broker in your local community can help you find the best options and the lowest rates.

I need to be “settled down” first. FALSE! When you buy a home, you’re paying yourself, not your landlord. Don’t keep waiting based on temporary situations, make the sacrifice to prepare for the purchase. Save your income tax, overtime, and extra income. Even with down payment assistance there are some fees you will still need to pay out of pocket such as your earnest money, option fee, appraisal, survey, and even home inspection.

26 Nov


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So today my two friends that teach spin were both teaching today at different gyms. Well one was teaching a kickboxing class, and the other was teaching a spin/ weight lifting class. I wanted to go to both so I did. I went to the kickboxing class first, then left went home took a shower and went to church. When we got to the church they were not having service, so we drove around for a while. We looked at some beautiful homes in Celina, and I stopped by the shvaed ice snow cone stand in Prosper for my kiddos  then we to the other gym. I worked so hard today. I didn’t think I was going to make it, I wanted to quit so many times, and them skinny females kept trying to make me feel bad doing all kind of tricks and stuff, but I kept going anyway. I have learned people always try to show you up because  the mere fact that you are doing good is a testament that they are doing bad, and who wants a constant reminder of their own personal failures? I mean if you vomited would you want someone carrying it around for everybody to see? Well, then you stop showing up your friends and they will stop hating on you!

I personally could care less! I will continue to push and encourage myself no matter what. I’m not skinny yet, but if I keep doing what I am doing I know I will be and when I am I will make sure I welcome and encourage not try to show up and show out in from of them.

Then to top it all off my triplets’ birthday get together was today, and wouldn’t you know it we stayed at Main Event for 5 hours! Bowling, laser tag, pool, gravity walking, and games for five long hours. I am so tired I can hardly type this blog, but I tell you what I was surely dedicated today without fail!

Signing off,

I Ispire to INSPIRE

Coach T

Update: I wrote this blog 3 1/2 years ago when I weighed in at 185, halfway through my journey. I’m happy to say I did finish and I am skinny now yet my mentality has not changed. I still am encouraging every chance I get!!! This blog inspired me so I shared it again to inspire you too!!!

25 Nov

“The Waiting Room”

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Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to introduce to some and present to others my greatest gift to the world to date. My self-help guide, “The Waiting Room ~ Surviving & Thriving in the Waiting Rooms of Life.” Here are some excerpts from the book currently going into print with Xulon Press in Miami, Florida.
“The Waiting Room”
By:Coach T Simmons
Chapter One- What Are You Waiting For? 
Recognizing when you are waiting intentionally or unintentionally.
So, tell me what you think! This is a summary of each of the lessons in each chapter. If you have followed my blogs you know my methods of writing. The greatest thing about this piece is anyone in any stage of life can use this as a guide back to themselves. I spent several years of my life in what I like to call “The Waiting Room”. It is the place where you feel helpless and stuck after a life disaster. Loss of a job, loss of a relationship, failure of a business, loss of a child or loved one, disappointments due to downsizing, loss of a home due to foreclosure, loss of benefits due to discharge for the services, any loss or what could be deemed as a failure in your life. I was thinking about the economy and the state of being right during Christmas. How Obama can’t be with his family because the republicans couldn’t simply agree on helping people like us. All we asked for was for them to extend unemployment benefits to those whose have run out and they are struggling to make it. For the people you buy your coffee from in the morning to not have to be taxed more than they already are. I continued to ponder this news broadcast I saw on Rock Center on NBC about these same congress people who are all currently millionaires. I’m thinking to myself, WOW! How could this be? Who cares about us? Who is fighting for us? All people care about is which reality tv star is moving to Dallas next or who’s getting divorces or whatever else nonsense they can find to write & report about. All of this just kept me up at night to the point that I said I have to do something to reduce this carbon footprint and put people back to work… so my mind started churning…. and here we go.
What do we do in… “The Waiting Room”. When you don’t know what to do… what do you do? How can you unlock your own bolted down doors? How can you do something to better your own situation? With no job, no money, no credit, and no backers how can you pull yourself out of the pit you have been hiding in? By realizing your own fullest potential! So, I’m thinking that sounds good, but we need some answers. AND THE ANSWERS BEGAN TO FLOW! When is the most inconvenient time of your life? While you are waiting!!! Waiting for a call back for a job, waiting to see if your approved for a loan, waiting for the right business idea, waiting for the results in the doctors office, waiting at the red light, waiting at the bus stop, waiting at the copier, waiting… waiting… and more waiting. Yes, it will make you feel like you are going insane and for some, they are. People are feeling helpless right now. Like there is no hope. As if they will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is as if the some of the middle class are vastly becoming apart of the lower class and sliding below the poverty level. I have met former millionaires while volunteering at food banks. I have met million dollar producers that are now on public assistance. I have watched companies close their doors because workers simply asked for better wages and insurance for their families. I have an aunt who was fired while she was in the hospital fighting for her life after a massive stroke. Some people are in the fight of their lives and if we don’t do something to make a change who will? What will happen to this ecomony if we don’t rise up and do what it is we were called to do? This book is an action plan filled with a call to action coupled with instructions from the pit to the palace.
What it is not:
~ A get rich quick plan. This is a method on how to use your waiting rooms of life to figure out what it is you are supposed to be doing with your life. This is a personal inventory workbook designed to be read and used in waiting rooms of life in life.
I am working on this project tiredlessly because I know it is going to change the world! I will keep you posted of my progress, and would love your feedback and questions. Email me at: gocoacht@ymail.com.
It is time for us to subdue the earth! No longer victims but victors! The power to perform is within US! Unlock your own potential and stop holding your own self back! Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or swifter man… for sooner or later the man that wins… is the man that THINKS he can! I THINK I CAN!!!!
Coach T
27 Feb

Specific Trusted Anointed Regulators

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If you go back to read some of my old blogs you will see how far I have come and how much I have grown. I am so humbled in my current state. This time last year my life was completely different. The greatest thing that has happened to me is being changed by God. I have always known there was a better way to do things; a better way to say things, a better way to change things than the ways of those that can before us, but it took my STAR team to help me focus on moving forward, letting go of the past so I could let God have His way in my life. What is a STAR team? Specific Trusted Anointed Regulators. My STAR team is who has helped me unravel my own self-destructive behaviors so that I could fully give myself to my purpose. They consisted of friends, college professors, walking buddies, cosmetologists, church members, intercessors, life coaches, neighbors, and even parents or children. These are the people who know the real you and still love you anyway. These are the ones that make you better. They help you let your light shine.

I charge you today to find your STAR team! Connect with those you are specifically tied to your spirit. The specific person that feels you when you are down and calls you just to see how your day is going. The trusted person that calls you to take you to lunch to see how you are doing. The anointed person that you know can get a pray through when you need one. The regulator that won’t sugar coat it, but will tell you like it is even when you don’t want to hear it. Your STAR team is vital to your success. Every Life Coach has a Life Coach because one of the components of being a Life Coach is accountability. I mean what I say and say what I mean and expect others to do the same, but that’s not reality. People tell you what they think they want you to know or what you want to hear rather than the truth. As you go up and grow up you will find people are not honest so you must govern yourself to be prepared to be lied to, lied on, misunderstood, questioned, and even terminated, but that doesn’t define you. Some of these circumstances are tests to see how you can handle conflict. Others are training ground. Many are lessons. For me, this is extremely difficult because when I love a person I will do anything for them. I love hard which makes me easily hurt. God has blessed me over the past several months to develop tough skin; it’s in the times that I cry the most that I realize how strong I am in my own weakness because God is with me. I am finding my center and it is a direct reflection of my STAR team. I could not have made it through the valley of the shadow of death without them. Although some of the best relationships in my life have come to an end; I will always cherish the memories, moments, and laughter shared with those who know me best. {Read the blog “Reason, Season, or Lifetime” in the archives.} In one of the early blogs I mentioned people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Most of them are not by our choosing.

Please let the hurt go, learn to trust God so you can trust people. Hurt people hurt people and how many people will it take before enough is enough? We have made a decision to be better so let’s start by asking God to help us make better choices so we can capture better outcomes. I am so blessed right now, but for fear of what some might think I haven’t shared my blessing. God forgive me. I am sharing and I promise not to hold back any longer from what’s in my heart to do. I have let go; now I am letting God. Won’t you join me? Let’s do this thing together. Add me to your STAR team!

Coach T!

13 May

What happens when the PAIN is gone?

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Hey you guys! I know I know where have I been? Well, I have been out here having life experiences so I would have something to blog about. I have found that there is a group of us out here who don’t know what to do when the pain is over. What do I mean? Let me have a few moments to explain and expound…

I know what it is like to be scammed, disappointed, discouraged in the name of encouragement, abused in the name of love, taken advantage of in the name of being used by God, made out to be an example, and that’s just this year. All that being said, this is what those things do to you:

  1. They make you bitter.  At our core each of us wants others to treat us the way we want to be treated, but that’s self-deception. You convince yourself by giving “good” you will get good not realizing and rationalizing that thought process. How can others who do not believe the same as you begin to treat you the way you would. In all honesty, most of us are not good to ourselves, we don’t put ourselves first, we don’t love ourselves yet we expect others to. First thing we or I had to do is go inside myself and establish what are my core values? What do I believe? Now, I can decide what I expect from others. Second, I had to learn how to not blame everyone for what some have done. I was mad at the world and I became a prisoner to my circumstance. I was hurt by church people, as an example, so I decided all church people were like that. As a result, church became “show time at the Apollo” to me. Who’s going to get saved today? Who’s going to shout today? Not realizing this made me a spectator not a participator. When I blame others I become a victim. When I face others with relevance, breadth, clarity, significance, and substance I become the victor!
  2. They make you hurt others. The reason this is has to do with giving and receiving as well. Most children who were abused grow up to either be altogether different on purpose working hard to right all the wrongs done to them in life. Others grow up to abuse others the way they were abused based on my research into abuse and the correlation between successful parties and non-successful parties. As for me, I personally experienced this in business. I noticed that as I received more and more rejection I became more negative and sarcastic when if you really know me I am a positive, encouraging person. I began to notice myself attacking people for the smallest things. Maybe my coffee wasn’t correct or the waitress took too long, I would in some cases come unglued. Not to mention phone calls. Since I do the bulk of my work over the phone I hated telemarketers until I became one. Remember this was many years ago, but I feel as if it happened yesterday. I had to go to my inner self through my faith and through my journals to determine where did this start? I had to establish when I started this in order to figure out how to make it stop. We sometimes attack the very ones God sends to help us.
  3. They make us forfeit our blessings. Some people who really are meant to help us come when they are sent and leave when they are not received. Many times I find when I pray for something in faith; one condition is God will not always answer my prayer exactly the way I want when I want. Sometimes even receiving my blessing requires faith and trust in something beyond me. Don’t let hurt, pain, and shame keep you from your blessing! God is trying to release so much in the earth realm, but because it is not coming in the package we are expecting we reject it. I learned this the hard way.
  4. When the pain is gone we must learn what to do with all that anger, frustration, and bitterness. We must release it through forgiveness. I know you have heard this one thousand times, but not like this. Listen, forgiveness is an action word that gives you something to hold yourself accountable so that when the feelings of hurt, pain, and bitterness rise up you can remind them, “I released you through forgiveness!” This is a benefit to your betterment. When I forgave all the people who hurt me, used me, and caused my deepest levels of pain I released myself from my own self inflicted prison cell. Now, if you want to be free, free yourself, it all starts in the mind.

In conclusion, I know that now looking back this will make me a better Coach because now I know how to discern the WHY in some people. It has made me a better person because now I inspect what I expect as pertaining to people, I speak when I hear, I share as I feel released, and I be quiet when I’m done because I know that is important too.


Coach T