Housing 101 ~ Mythbusters
9 Oct

Housing 101 ~ Mythbusters

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5 Home buying myths

There are a lot of myths about buying a home that are easy to bust.
Here are a few of the big ones:

I need a 20% down payment. FALSE! This goes back to the days when lenders had far fewer options. Now, you can get a mortgage for as little as 1% down and still have a low monthly payment. The better your credit; the more options you have. Get your score as high as you can BEFORE you apply.

I have to dig up a lot of paperwork. FALSE! A lot goes into qualifying you for a mortgage, but these days much of the verification process — like collecting pay stubs, bank statements and tax information — can be done automatically by your mortgage lender. Realistically, once you are ready to buy your lender can take it from there.

It will take a lot of time. FALSE! A good mortgage lender can take your application and give you a pre-approval letter in moments. Many even let you do it yourself online. This way the time is in your hands. Time is on your side.

My bank is the best place to get a mortgage. FALSE! Banks don’t offer many mortgage choices. An independent mortgage broker in your local community can help you find the best options and the lowest rates.

I need to be “settled down” first. FALSE! When you buy a home, you’re paying yourself, not your landlord. Don’t keep waiting based on temporary situations, make the sacrifice to prepare for the purchase. Save your income tax, overtime, and extra income. Even with down payment assistance there are some fees you will still need to pay out of pocket such as your earnest money, option fee, appraisal, survey, and even home inspection.

How To Raise Your Credit Score
8 Sep

How To Raise Your Credit Score

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Determining Your FICO Score-Credit scores are calculated using the credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax along with these Five categories, including:

Payment History—Payment history is often used to gauge the likelihood a borrower defaulting on their loan.

Length of Credit History—A long and significant credit history also helps to improve your FICO score.

New Credit—The amount of newly opened credit and the type of account opened is another factor your FICO score.

Type of Credit in Use—Consider the different types of accounts you have.

Ideas to Raise Your FICO Score 

The good news is that no matter where your FICO score is right now, it can change! Here are our top insider tips to get a raise your credit score:

Keep Credit Balances Low-Using too much of your open credit can lower your FICO score. Attempt to keep your balances below 20-30%& pay your credit card bills on time!

Keep Credit Revolving-Though it seems like the right thing to do, you don’t want to close your unused account. A simple way to keep it active is to make purchases, like gas or coffee.

Review Credit Score Thoroughly-Review the factors of your FICO report completely. Make sure all the information is correct and notify the credit bureau if you found any errors.

New & Improved IISPIRE.com
19 Jul

New & Improved IISPIRE.com

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We are new and improved and feeling good from our head to our shoes!!! Long time no talk. You know the old saying, “those who are walking don’t have time to talk to those who are talking?” Well, that’s me for the past four months. It has literally been a blur. So, what’s new with IISPIRE? We are still Individually Inspiring Specific People In Reaching Each… Dream, Vision, or Goal, however we are taking it to the next level.

Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. has always offered education that’s why we started this non-profit. Now, with Texas Affordable Housing and our relationship with private donors we are now able to offer some rental assistance. You must be volunteering with IYTG to qualify. The fund is not large enough to offer to the general public right away. The Texas Affordable Housing Program is for temporary assistance in emergency situations only.

Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. is launching the B3 Program. Better Business Banking means banking the way you need to bank not based on the banks needs. IYTG has some amazing new partnerships collaborating as we speak to offer more education, lunch and learn workshops, and events to the community specifically Business Owners and Entrepreneurs along with their employees, partners, vendors, and friends. Who doesn’t want free lunch?

Please visit the http://iispire.com/blog/b3program/ page and register for the upcoming session.

501(c)3 Now What?
8 Mar

501(c)3 Now What?

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I am so excited to announce we have our 501c3 now. Well, nothing is changing. We are still running programs, still helping youth, and still changing lives. Now, we can actually ask for help and people respond to our request. Having a 501(c)3 does not guarantee funding; it only qualifies you for the running. See, back in the 1990s you just needed a good cause you did not need to be tax exempt in order to receive donations. I was in pageants and we raised money all the time, but now without a 501c3 tax exempt status people are not interested in giving a donation because they usually do not get the exemption ability to write it off on their taxes.

I am encouraging you now more than ever to go after your dreams. There is nothing stopping us from being successful. I am so excited about this time in my life. I turn 40 in a few weeks, married 20 years in a few months, my oldest turns 21, by baby girl turns 16, and my twins turn 15. There is a lot of movement this year for me and I’m sure for you. Let’s get moving forward. Do not even think of the reasons you couldn’t or didn’t just do it!!! Don’t stop, cave in, or quit; just call me, and let’s move forward. I am. Come grow with me.

16 Jan

Couple of Nola Girlz

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Many people want to learn how to write grants so I am still teaching. I am not so arrogant that I won’t share my knowledge. I am never the smartest person in the room I just know what I know. My ultimate goal is to continue educating while creating life long learners. There are so many emerging new non-profit organizations. Seems as if a new one is established every couple of days. Check out this video on my newest established non-profit I met a few weeks ago.

I have been working hard to write grants, manage grants, and build a way to become a grant maker all at the same time. I’ll get back to you on that, but one last report. I helped start another up and coming organization called A Couple of Nola Girlz who are a couple of ladies from New Orleans, LA who teach couponing classes to people in the community as well as assist in feeding the homeless and making care packages for job seekers, homeless, veterans, college students, and families some who purchase new homes others who are in transition. Great things happening in 2017. We have a coupon class scheduled this week on Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 10 am to 1 pm. Please R.S.V.P. See you there! Please look for the Couple of Nola Girlz page to register under the Business Alliance Group page or click here.

Please click here to visit our group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1136990143046880/