New & Improved
19 Jul

New & Improved

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We are new and improved and feeling good from our head to our shoes!!! Long time no talk. You know the old saying, “those who are walking don’t have time to talk to those who are talking?” Well, that’s me for the past four months. It has literally been a blur. So, what’s new with IISPIRE? We are still Individually Inspiring Specific People In Reaching Each… Dream, Vision, or Goal, however we are taking it to the next level.

Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. has always offered education that’s why we started this non-profit. Now, with Texas Affordable Housing and our relationship with private donors we are now able to offer some rental assistance. You must be volunteering with IYTG to qualify. The fund is not large enough to offer to the general public right away. The Texas Affordable Housing Program is for temporary assistance in emergency situations only.

Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. is launching the B3 Program. Better Business Banking means banking the way you need to bank not based on the banks needs. IYTG has some amazing new partnerships collaborating as we speak to offer more education, lunch and learn workshops, and events to the community specifically Business Owners and Entrepreneurs along with their employees, partners, vendors, and friends. Who doesn’t want free lunch?

Please visit the page and register for the upcoming session.

26 Jun

Hcg worked for me

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So back on April 1, 2010 I wanted to to finally conquer the bulge down below and lose weight. So I met this lady at the park while my kiddos were playing. Her son went to school with mine and she began to talk to me about different things. So ofcourse we always migrate to whats really on our minds. Weight loss! So she tell me she is in the weight loss business. Now I am inclined to know more. So surely enough it is the hcg system. I heard about the program orginally on the news, but people talked about how expensive it was. They were talking about thousands of dollars for the injections and I am not into taking shots. So I asked how does it work. She went on to say it is simple. Follow the protocol to the tee and you won’t have a problem. So I did. All you do is put the drops under your tongue 3 times per day. You get a website with the program and it is so simple. You enter your weight and measurements before you start the program and then you simply update your website as daily, weekly, or bi-weekly however you see fit. You continue until you lose all the weight you want, then you can use it to maintain after you lose. Also another added bonus is its not just a regular diet they have customized mealplans and recipes! Like for breakfast I would drink a strawberry smoothie with 10 strawberries, stevia, and ice. Then for lunch eat a (4-5 oz) grilled chicken with (2 cups) of cabbage and for dinner I would eat a spicy meatball (4-5 oz angus beef or just hamburger meat) and (2 cups) of tomatoes with black pepper. Then for my after dinner snack I would have an apple, orange, or half a grapefruit. It does request that you walk about 30 minutes a day, but we all need to do that anyway right? Well, I am happy to say I have lost and kept it off and I am going to be starting the program again July 1, 2010 for lose my last 25. Won’t you join me? Visit the site for more info and come back and tell me what you think!
Signing off,

I ISPIRE to Inspire

Coach T