501(c)3 Now What?
8 Mar

501(c)3 Now What?

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I am so excited to announce we have our 501c3 now. Well, nothing is changing. We are still running programs, still helping youth, and still changing lives. Now, we can actually ask for help and people respond to our request. Having a 501(c)3 does not guarantee funding; it only qualifies you for the running. See, back in the 1990s you just needed a good cause you did not need to be tax exempt in order to receive donations. I was in pageants and we raised money all the time, but now without a 501c3 tax exempt status people are not interested in giving a donation because they usually do not get the exemption ability to write it off on their taxes.

I am encouraging you now more than ever to go after your dreams. There is nothing stopping us from being successful. I am so excited about this time in my life. I turn 40 in a few weeks, married 20 years in a few months, my oldest turns 21, by baby girl turns 16, and my twins turn 15. There is a lot of movement this year for me and I’m sure for you. Let’s get moving forward. Do not even think of the reasons you couldn’t or didn’t just do it!!! Don’t stop, cave in, or quit; just call me, and let’s move forward. I am. Come grow with me.

Lunch & Learn w/ Paycor & The Business Alliance Group
1 Dec

Lunch & Learn w/ Paycor & The Business Alliance Group

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Long time no talk my good friends. I have been so busy working to Inspire Greatness that I have not been blogging. I wanted to take the time to drop you a line about our upcoming lunch and learn with Paycor. Paycor is a company that specializes in payroll and human resource services. They offer payroll services for Bank of Texas along with many other organizations, businesses, and fortune 100 companies. I met them while I was on assignment with Collin College in Fort Worth, Texas several months ago. We decided to host a lunch and learn to teach our Clients about the services they offer along with introducing our Business Alliance Group. The Business Alliance Group is an opportunity for business owners, non-profit organizations, and potential entrepreneurs to meet vendors, bankers, and network to increase business knowledge. The lunch and learn serves two purposes; one to educate, two to connect. I am so excited to have the opportunity to do so.

dcThey will learn: New Programs Available in Payroll & HR Processing, Best Practices for W2 Wage Earners & 1099 Vendors, Small Business Loans Available for Start-Ups, Rules & Regulations Regarding Employees, Business Alliance Group IntroductionAttendees will be asked to bring a toy valued at $10 to be donated to Dominique Cares 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization assisting special needs children by creating awareness and resources to empower success.


26 Nov


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So today my two friends that teach spin were both teaching today at different gyms. Well one was teaching a kickboxing class, and the other was teaching a spin/ weight lifting class. I wanted to go to both so I did. I went to the kickboxing class first, then left went home took a shower and went to church. When we got to the church they were not having service, so we drove around for a while. We looked at some beautiful homes in Celina, and I stopped by the shvaed ice snow cone stand in Prosper for my kiddos  then we to the other gym. I worked so hard today. I didn’t think I was going to make it, I wanted to quit so many times, and them skinny females kept trying to make me feel bad doing all kind of tricks and stuff, but I kept going anyway. I have learned people always try to show you up because  the mere fact that you are doing good is a testament that they are doing bad, and who wants a constant reminder of their own personal failures? I mean if you vomited would you want someone carrying it around for everybody to see? Well, then you stop showing up your friends and they will stop hating on you!

I personally could care less! I will continue to push and encourage myself no matter what. I’m not skinny yet, but if I keep doing what I am doing I know I will be and when I am I will make sure I welcome and encourage not try to show up and show out in from of them.

Then to top it all off my triplets’ birthday get together was today, and wouldn’t you know it we stayed at Main Event for 5 hours! Bowling, laser tag, pool, gravity walking, and games for five long hours. I am so tired I can hardly type this blog, but I tell you what I was surely dedicated today without fail!

Signing off,

I Ispire to INSPIRE

Coach T

Update: I wrote this blog 3 1/2 years ago when I weighed in at 185, halfway through my journey. I’m happy to say I did finish and I am skinny now yet my mentality has not changed. I still am encouraging every chance I get!!! This blog inspired me so I shared it again to inspire you too!!!

25 Nov

“The Waiting Room”

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Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to introduce to some and present to others my greatest gift to the world to date. My self-help guide, “The Waiting Room ~ Surviving & Thriving in the Waiting Rooms of Life.” Here are some excerpts from the book currently going into print with Xulon Press in Miami, Florida.
“The Waiting Room”
By:Coach T Simmons
Chapter One- What Are You Waiting For? 
Recognizing when you are waiting intentionally or unintentionally.
So, tell me what you think! This is a summary of each of the lessons in each chapter. If you have followed my blogs you know my methods of writing. The greatest thing about this piece is anyone in any stage of life can use this as a guide back to themselves. I spent several years of my life in what I like to call “The Waiting Room”. It is the place where you feel helpless and stuck after a life disaster. Loss of a job, loss of a relationship, failure of a business, loss of a child or loved one, disappointments due to downsizing, loss of a home due to foreclosure, loss of benefits due to discharge for the services, any loss or what could be deemed as a failure in your life. I was thinking about the economy and the state of being right during Christmas. How Obama can’t be with his family because the republicans couldn’t simply agree on helping people like us. All we asked for was for them to extend unemployment benefits to those whose have run out and they are struggling to make it. For the people you buy your coffee from in the morning to not have to be taxed more than they already are. I continued to ponder this news broadcast I saw on Rock Center on NBC about these same congress people who are all currently millionaires. I’m thinking to myself, WOW! How could this be? Who cares about us? Who is fighting for us? All people care about is which reality tv star is moving to Dallas next or who’s getting divorces or whatever else nonsense they can find to write & report about. All of this just kept me up at night to the point that I said I have to do something to reduce this carbon footprint and put people back to work… so my mind started churning…. and here we go.
What do we do in… “The Waiting Room”. When you don’t know what to do… what do you do? How can you unlock your own bolted down doors? How can you do something to better your own situation? With no job, no money, no credit, and no backers how can you pull yourself out of the pit you have been hiding in? By realizing your own fullest potential! So, I’m thinking that sounds good, but we need some answers. AND THE ANSWERS BEGAN TO FLOW! When is the most inconvenient time of your life? While you are waiting!!! Waiting for a call back for a job, waiting to see if your approved for a loan, waiting for the right business idea, waiting for the results in the doctors office, waiting at the red light, waiting at the bus stop, waiting at the copier, waiting… waiting… and more waiting. Yes, it will make you feel like you are going insane and for some, they are. People are feeling helpless right now. Like there is no hope. As if they will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is as if the some of the middle class are vastly becoming apart of the lower class and sliding below the poverty level. I have met former millionaires while volunteering at food banks. I have met million dollar producers that are now on public assistance. I have watched companies close their doors because workers simply asked for better wages and insurance for their families. I have an aunt who was fired while she was in the hospital fighting for her life after a massive stroke. Some people are in the fight of their lives and if we don’t do something to make a change who will? What will happen to this ecomony if we don’t rise up and do what it is we were called to do? This book is an action plan filled with a call to action coupled with instructions from the pit to the palace.
What it is not:
~ A get rich quick plan. This is a method on how to use your waiting rooms of life to figure out what it is you are supposed to be doing with your life. This is a personal inventory workbook designed to be read and used in waiting rooms of life in life.
I am working on this project tiredlessly because I know it is going to change the world! I will keep you posted of my progress, and would love your feedback and questions. Email me at: gocoacht@ymail.com.
It is time for us to subdue the earth! No longer victims but victors! The power to perform is within US! Unlock your own potential and stop holding your own self back! Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or swifter man… for sooner or later the man that wins… is the man that THINKS he can! I THINK I CAN!!!!
Coach T
18 Nov

Life After Infidelity Part 1

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Infidelity (also referred to as cheating, adultery, or having an affair) is a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity. (definition source: dictionary.com)

This is a definite deal breaker in most relationships even marriages. Most people forget about for better or for worse when you mention this dirty little word infidelity. Yes this can be a source of issues, but not the obvious issue. The underlying issue with infidelity is not the effect, but rather the cause. There are many reasons people choose to be unfaithful rather than leaving or simply using their words. Let’s explore some reasoning.

Reason One: Most individuals are selfish. For some, it is easier to go back to an ex rather than simply becoming vulnerable with a new person. This is not the same for all, but most. Most people are selfish in matters of the heart only considering their own feelings, desires, and passions. These are the people some say, “mess it up for the good ones.” Some people have a difficult time committing to one person often finding themselves in the middle of conflict, causing broken relationships, and severed hearts. If you find yourself in a relationship with a person like this, be ready for the long haul. If you are this person, how much longer are you going to place your feelings over the ones around you that love you?

Reason Two: The 80/20 Rule. There is a rule that most relationship experts state most couples are 80% satisfied in their relationships. This means there is a 20% deficient. Most couples can live without the 20%, but for those who cannot, they usually go looking to make up the difference. This is not a good thing only a quick fix that causing more problems than repairs to a relationship. The sad part is when the person who leaves to venture out for the 20% usually forfeits the 80% they left behind when the other finds out.  This is the reality of infidelity.

Reason Three: The wounded. This is the area in most relationships would be considered the most justified form of infidelity. The wounded are the ones everyone feels sorry for. This is the spouse or significant other who is abused in some way in the relationship. They typically are the 80% of the relationship, the givers, and the least likely to slip. This would be the wife who knows her husband is cheating, but never says a word because she loves him so much. This would be the boyfriend who works out of town and would never normally be unfaithful. The wounded usually experience infidelity because of retaliation or moments of despair.

None of these are good reasons, but the reality is they are all valid reasons to those using them. There is life after infidelity and forgiveness is the biggest key. Forgiving the person whether you choose to say or not vital. Don’t allow this person to hold you back from loving again. Move forward. Trust again. Love again.

Coach T