New & Improved
19 Jul

New & Improved

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We are new and improved and feeling good from our head to our shoes!!! Long time no talk. You know the old saying, “those who are walking don’t have time to talk to those who are talking?” Well, that’s me for the past four months. It has literally been a blur. So, what’s new with IISPIRE? We are still Individually Inspiring Specific People In Reaching Each… Dream, Vision, or Goal, however we are taking it to the next level.

Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. has always offered education that’s why we started this non-profit. Now, with Texas Affordable Housing and our relationship with private donors we are now able to offer some rental assistance. You must be volunteering with IYTG to qualify. The fund is not large enough to offer to the general public right away. The Texas Affordable Housing Program is for temporary assistance in emergency situations only.

Inspiring You To Greatness, Inc. is launching the B3 Program. Better Business Banking means banking the way you need to bank not based on the banks needs. IYTG has some amazing new partnerships collaborating as we speak to offer more education, lunch and learn workshops, and events to the community specifically Business Owners and Entrepreneurs along with their employees, partners, vendors, and friends. Who doesn’t want free lunch?

Please visit the page and register for the upcoming session.

Will You Do W.I.T.?
16 Jan

Will You Do W.I.T.?

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That’s the question I ask myself everyday. Will I do whatever it takes today? The answer is YES! I will always do whatever it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It is so important to have positive self-talk. Happy New Year! It was a great year! We had four lunch and learns last December two sponsored by Paycor, one sponsored by BBVA Compass and one sponsored by Movement Mortgage. Each one was standing room only! I was so excited to be the host.

This is a prime example of always moving forward in business. Success does not happen on accident it happens on purpose. I focus on doing my best and I can honestly say God does do the rest. I hired and trained my staff on how to proceed with the business component I needed them to do, I inspected what I expected from each of them, and then we watched the results of the fruit of our labor by having full rooms and the lunch and learns were a success.

Please focus on your dreams this year and do not allow anything or anyone to talk you out or distract you from your vision. I am a prime example that no matter what the circumstance, you can always rise above. Please consider coming to one of our lunch and learns; it is free for our guests.

So what’s with all the changes? I’m glad you asked. Thanks for all the emails to yes I still check. I may blog once a month, but I check my email everyday. I am constantly connecting in the community so I wanted a way to bring all the relationships together so for business networking we created the Business Alliance Group. In business there are different stages so I have memberships based on your business level. Some women only want to do business with women so since I am considered an “old soul” we created the Women of the Wise from a church I use to attend where all the Wise Women met once a month.  I loved the concept so I created my own wise women group.

25 Nov

“The Waiting Room”

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Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to introduce to some and present to others my greatest gift to the world to date. My self-help guide, “The Waiting Room ~ Surviving & Thriving in the Waiting Rooms of Life.” Here are some excerpts from the book currently going into print with Xulon Press in Miami, Florida.
“The Waiting Room”
By:Coach T Simmons
Chapter One- What Are You Waiting For? 
Recognizing when you are waiting intentionally or unintentionally.
So, tell me what you think! This is a summary of each of the lessons in each chapter. If you have followed my blogs you know my methods of writing. The greatest thing about this piece is anyone in any stage of life can use this as a guide back to themselves. I spent several years of my life in what I like to call “The Waiting Room”. It is the place where you feel helpless and stuck after a life disaster. Loss of a job, loss of a relationship, failure of a business, loss of a child or loved one, disappointments due to downsizing, loss of a home due to foreclosure, loss of benefits due to discharge for the services, any loss or what could be deemed as a failure in your life. I was thinking about the economy and the state of being right during Christmas. How Obama can’t be with his family because the republicans couldn’t simply agree on helping people like us. All we asked for was for them to extend unemployment benefits to those whose have run out and they are struggling to make it. For the people you buy your coffee from in the morning to not have to be taxed more than they already are. I continued to ponder this news broadcast I saw on Rock Center on NBC about these same congress people who are all currently millionaires. I’m thinking to myself, WOW! How could this be? Who cares about us? Who is fighting for us? All people care about is which reality tv star is moving to Dallas next or who’s getting divorces or whatever else nonsense they can find to write & report about. All of this just kept me up at night to the point that I said I have to do something to reduce this carbon footprint and put people back to work… so my mind started churning…. and here we go.
What do we do in… “The Waiting Room”. When you don’t know what to do… what do you do? How can you unlock your own bolted down doors? How can you do something to better your own situation? With no job, no money, no credit, and no backers how can you pull yourself out of the pit you have been hiding in? By realizing your own fullest potential! So, I’m thinking that sounds good, but we need some answers. AND THE ANSWERS BEGAN TO FLOW! When is the most inconvenient time of your life? While you are waiting!!! Waiting for a call back for a job, waiting to see if your approved for a loan, waiting for the right business idea, waiting for the results in the doctors office, waiting at the red light, waiting at the bus stop, waiting at the copier, waiting… waiting… and more waiting. Yes, it will make you feel like you are going insane and for some, they are. People are feeling helpless right now. Like there is no hope. As if they will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is as if the some of the middle class are vastly becoming apart of the lower class and sliding below the poverty level. I have met former millionaires while volunteering at food banks. I have met million dollar producers that are now on public assistance. I have watched companies close their doors because workers simply asked for better wages and insurance for their families. I have an aunt who was fired while she was in the hospital fighting for her life after a massive stroke. Some people are in the fight of their lives and if we don’t do something to make a change who will? What will happen to this ecomony if we don’t rise up and do what it is we were called to do? This book is an action plan filled with a call to action coupled with instructions from the pit to the palace.
What it is not:
~ A get rich quick plan. This is a method on how to use your waiting rooms of life to figure out what it is you are supposed to be doing with your life. This is a personal inventory workbook designed to be read and used in waiting rooms of life in life.
I am working on this project tiredlessly because I know it is going to change the world! I will keep you posted of my progress, and would love your feedback and questions. Email me at:
It is time for us to subdue the earth! No longer victims but victors! The power to perform is within US! Unlock your own potential and stop holding your own self back! Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or swifter man… for sooner or later the man that wins… is the man that THINKS he can! I THINK I CAN!!!!
Coach T
1 May

Long Time No Talk

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How many times have you ran into an old friend and said, “we need to keep in touch” only to not speak to this person again until you happened to run into them.With all of the social media, new phones coming out, tablets, and mobile devices popping up like popcorn all this only means one thing… we are all becoming more and more anti-social. Does that make sense? The more social media mediums we have; the easier it is for us to still not talk. If you have more than 5 social media accounts you know exactly what I am talking about. Why is this? I do not have all the answers, it is the questions I pose.

My suggestion is that it is becoming less confrontational to simply send a text or email rather than meeting face-to-face or calling someone. Believe it or not people are actually becoming bold enough to do everything they never could behind the clicks of a mouse. I use to tell my Clients all the time in the Real Estate business no one buys a house over the Internet, or do they? While in the good ole days they did not, today you can do everything over the Internet; including buy a home! 

In your relationships, try to keep at least a handful of people you can speak to and connect with on a weekly basis. This builds moral, keeps us friendly, and most importantly gives us something to look forward to rather than just the all mighty click!

16 Oct

Follow these rules to stop the harassment and protect your consumer rights.

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We have all had a call from a collection company at one time or another. Understanding your consumer rights and protecting them is a very important when speaking with any collection company. They have a devious playbook and script which dictates every question they ask you.

Does this sound familiar? “We are calling you on a personal business matter.” “We need to verify your identity; can you please tell me what your home address is?”” We would like to offer you a 50% discount, if we can get this settled today.”

If all this sounds familiar, it’s because these are questions contained in the collection company’s script and “playbook.” Your consumer rights are at their highest level to protect you in the first 30 days that the collection company has the account.

HOW TO KNOCK THEM OFF THEIR SCRIPT! Following these three steps while speaking to a collection company will throw the call center person you are speaking with off of their script. This typically causes one of two reactions; either that collection individual will become very defensive or extremely polite.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Remember, every question a collection company asks is designed to eliminate as many of your consumer rights as possible while strengthening their ability to collect money from you to the highest extent possible.
It is import to note that you should always be polite and professional, remember most of them are just people trying to do their job. Additionally, if you have the ability to do so, record the conversation. Most cell phones have an app that you can download to do this.
When the collection company calls, don’t ignore the call. To stop the calls and enforce your consumer rights you need to answer the call. When they ask, “Is this John Doe?” Confirm your name and say, “how may I help you?” They will introduce themselves and tell you they are calling on a personal business matter. Then they will ask you to confirm your address. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR ADDRESS

1. Force the collection company agent to verify your identity through the last four numbers of your Social Security number.

2. Dispute the validity of the debt! Once they confirm the last four of your Social Security number they will tell you what debt they are attempting to collect and how much the debt is.

3. Request a full validation package be immediately sent to the address they have ON FILE.
Example of a conversation with a debt collector:

Good afternoon, is John Doe available? This is he how may I help you? John, this is Sally Sue from ABC Collection Company and I am calling you in regards to a personal business matter. To make sure I am speaking to the right individual can you please confirm your home address? NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR ADDRESS.
“I’m sorry Sally, but I do not know you are or what you are calling in regards to. If this is a legitimate matter you can confirm my identity through the last four of my Social Security number.”
(If the collector begins to insist that you give them your address, politely ask to speak to a supervisor.)
Once you have confirmed your identity do not discuss the debt or any circumstance. Just say “Please make a note to my file, that I absolutely and unquestionably dispute the validity of the debt you are calling in regards to. Additionally, I am issuing you a verbal cease and desist and requesting that you immediately send a full validation package to the address you have ON FILE. Thank you for your call, have a wonderful day. END THE CALL!

You can also ask for their fax number and fax them written instruction to stop calling you and request their validation package.


Many times a collection agency will not even respond with the validation package or pursue the matter even further.

Following these three steps will help protect your consumer rights when speaking with a collection company.
Jacklyn Shapiro President – Shapiro & Company LLC Extraordinary Solutions For Today’s Credit Issues


Thank you to Jacklyn Shaprio for these outstanding ideas! We highly recommend her expertise and services to our clients! Contact us with any questions you have regarding your credit or ability to refinance or buy your new home.

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