501(c)3 Now What?
8 March

501(c)3 Now What?

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I am so excited to announce we have our 501c3 now. Well, nothing is changing. We are still running programs, still helping youth, and still changing lives. Now, we can actually ask for help and people respond to our request. Having a 501(c)3 does not guarantee funding; it only qualifies you for the running. See, back in the 1990s you just needed a good cause you did not need to be tax exempt in order to receive donations. I was in pageants and we raised money all the time, but now without a 501c3 tax exempt status people are not interested in giving a donation because they usually do not get the exemption ability to write it off on their taxes.

I am encouraging you now more than ever to go after your dreams. There is nothing stopping us from being successful. I am so excited about this time in my life. I turn 40 in a few weeks, married 20 years in a few months, my oldest turns 21, by baby girl turns 16, and my twins turn 15. There is a lot of movement this year for me and I’m sure for you. Let’s get moving forward. Do not even think of the reasons you couldn’t or didn’t just do it!!! Don’t stop, cave in, or quit; just call me, and let’s move forward. I am. Come grow with me.

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